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Profile Knives

     Contact MT Tooling Co. for the highest quality moulder and shaper Tooling. Knives can be produced from a CAD file, wood sample, or faxed drawing. We will supply an exact match using CAD software and CNC precision cut templates. MTTC will provide knives for your machine that work efficiently and  without issue.

     All knives are ground with an axial constant to assist the operator with quick set up of the machine. Axial constants are an industry standard measurement designed to keep the edge of the profile relevant to the side of the cutter head. The axial constant is the same every time which means there is virtually no set up of the axial adjustment. That translates into less wasted time when there are multiple setups to be performed. In the end axial constants will decrease your production time and more importantly, decrease your labor cost.

      Profile knives are available in:

         Corrugated  M2 HSS Knives

         Lock-Edge Shaper Knives

         BAK-PAK & Euro Carbide Knives

         Williams & Hussey Knives


     We offer superior quality, competitive pricing and fast delivery. When inquiring, please indicate all relevant dimensions on drawings(or provide a wood sample), type of material to be cut, and specify the machine on which it will be tooled. In addition to finished profile knives we supply cut to length corrugated blanks, and CNC generated templates. 



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